Brutal lady pees on her slave

The sissy hairy slave adores his brutal mistress and shares all her abusive funs allowing her everything she desires whatever cruel she may be! But this time the strict babe gets enormously furious and performs something the poor slave has never expected her to do. The bastard bitch insists on his being her toilet and swallowing all her pee. She takes off her lacy black pants and forces the slave to lay down on the floor with his mouth wide open for her delicious piss. The slave moans of disgust, but obeys and silently waits for the abusive act. The brutal lady pees on the face of her unfaithful slave and gives him the last portion in the mouth. When she is done with her hot drink the babe checks whether the slave swallows everything till the last tasty drop. She gets immense desire of watching her slave suffering from her domination and humiliation!

Title: Brutal lady pees on her slave

Submited by: Pee Wee

Category: mistress

Added on: February 16th, 2012

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  1. By: Pawan

    Girls do pees,farts,shit in my mouth please.


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